Head Tattoo Artist 
at Platinum Ink
Tattoo Company

Growing up with a very artistic father, I have always been inspired to create. He would always scribble goofy cartoon characters on birthday cards or add funny speech bubbles to photos, and that quirky sense of humour is reflected in who I am today. With every drawing, painting or tattoo that I create, I try to emulate my dads work, as any artist can tell you, is an endless struggle to be better and better. 


I have always loved tattoo shops. I loved the smells, the sounds, and the atmosphere. But, as I learned, it's never as easy as just wanting to be a tattoo artist, I faced plenty of rejection and embarrassment, followed by a shit-load of hard work and dedication. 


From my first days as an apprentice, I have been at Platinum Ink Tattoo Studio in Petersham, Sydney. Drawing from an interesting group of artists they have given me excellent grounding and perspective in the industry.


A decade on and tattooing is a huge part of my life. I now run and manage the studio with some of the best artists in Sydney. I have amazingly loyal clients that keep coming back for more and recommending me to all their friends.


Artists have come and gone, and I have traveled and met some amazing artists giving me the inspiration to take back to my work. But in this industry to be great you have to strive for greater things, so I will never stop learning and that’s what makes this job so amazing. 


Find me at:

Platinum Ink Tattoo Company Sydney

430 Parramatta Road 
Petersham, NSW 2049


Email: jane.stuart@me.com


Tel: +61 (02) 9568 1242


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